For my birthday celebration, our family went to see Ignacio de Loyola, the film about my Jesuit Jedi Master. (That’s four tickets right there! #FightForIgnacioInTheaters) Viewing it was a spiritual retreat compressed in two hours. I did not cry, at least, but there were moments that hit hard, hit deep.

Through the film, and with my heartfelt gratitude, I am reminded of these 10 things I learned from my Jesuit education:


[1] Fight for the right reasons. Fight at the breach of the wall of the good. Fill the gap you can fight for in the world. And make it count. Fight.

[2] Discernment feels exactly like being on top of that mountain with the devil. And it all happens in your mind. (The scene was cheesy for me, but I understand the creative portrayal. I understand what it means to hear the devil’s voice in your head. And I understand what it means to beg at the sky, to beg for any light to shine on you.)

[3] This I first heard from Bro. Patrick Echevarria, my Jesuit friend: God loved you first. He will love you no matter what. Forgive yourself too. God is always the father of the prodigal son.

[4] This validates my impression of Inigo (a.k.a. Iggy Boy to me) through reading his autobiography: Be stubborn. Fiercely stubborn. For the right reasons.

[5] It is okay to be angry. It is okay to be in a constant state of unrest. There is peace in inner conflict. Jesus was hot-headed at times too. Recognize that fire in you; the fire you can bring forth. Iggy and the Jesuits call it Lux in Domino. Light in the world. Be immensely, fiercely bright and set fire to the world.

[6] When you do something, be the deed. If you preach, don’t call it by another name. If you want to perfect a spiritual method, learn theology. Be the deed 100%. Do or do not; there is no try. (Again, Iggy was the first Jedi.)

[7] Listen. When you don’t know what to do, listen. God calls. The Universe always gives signs. Listen to the voiceless. Listen to the silent injustices. Listen to the world as it calls you to where you are needed the most. Trust that the Universe will provide answers.

[8] Engage the rules. Engage the law. Engagement can take the form of a challenge. Dissent is needed too to make things grow. But always ask, to what end? Reconstruct the foundations that determine what the good means, what justice is, what sacred means.

[9] Journey with companions – the few but fierce. We are after all, the Faith Militant.

[10] Make decisions based on how you would think on your deathbed. Look at your life as one big narrative of God’s continuous call. You are finite; the world will live on after you. Make sure your short presence counts.


The film firmed up my resolve to read the Spiritual Exercises, though with fear still, as I expressed in my previous blog. So head’s up to my Jesuit teachers and friends, if I suddenly dial your hotline, you know what’s happening. LOL

Congratulations and thank you to JesCom Philippines for the film. And do let me know where I can have a similar sword made. I love it. Oh and the costumes; I adore the costumes. But I’ll settle with the sword.

P.S. Did you know St. Ignatius is the only saint who was canonized twice?
GET IT? CANONIZED TWICE? hahaha #AteneoOrientationJoke #IggyDontBeMadAtMe


[Photos from the Ignacio de Loyola Facebook Page, plus plus]