Let’s start this blog with a moment of silence for Hodor and Summer the direwolf. Freaking sequence broke my cold heart. (Oh, Three-eyed Raven too, but he paused Tower of Joy, so I mourn him less.)

There. RIP. But it was not just Hodor holding the door. Everybody else seemed to be holding other openings as well.

nights king

[1] Bran holding the door for the Night’s King. The brand seems to work like a constant GPS tag, and if Bran is running to the Wall, Jon will be forced to defend the Wall and putting off BastardBowl. Now I am torn; because I do want to see Ramsey’s ass get kicked and preferably flayed by the combined forces of the North, the even-North-er Wildlings, and Littlefinger’s Riverrun army. But it’s also cool to have the entire Westeros shaken by the validation that when you say, “Winter is coming”, in the name of the holy mother of fire and ice, the Northerners kid you not.

It is too soon, however, to bring badass Ice King to Westeros because Dany’s still out there unable to command her dragons. As I noted in my blog from last week’s episode, the Targaryens need to learn how to connect with their dragons, and not just ride them. The war of Fire and Ice is not ready to unfold full-blast. So I suppose, Bran will keep on running for the meantime, while we get frontseats to the battle of the Bastards.

[2] Bran holding the door of history. The significance of Bran as written in the books and slowly showing in the series is as key to the flashbacks, the secret history of Westeros. Warging with “greensight” (or “greenseeing”? It’s confusing which is accurate) is now of high interest to me. And it makes sense that the Night’s King can speak the language of warging, because the ability is a gift from the Children. Bran can do it. Jon in the books have traces of it. Arya should be able to do it too. But how does it work? Is it a Shaider-Time-Space-Warp thing? Because it was hell real for the Night’s King. It seemed real enough to young-backstory-Ned. And for those who dedicate more of their lives theorizing about GOT than I do, they think warging, particularly Bran’s warging and greenseeing, is the damn thing that caused everything in the big story in the first place. Some also theorize Bran built the House of Stark himself.

So Bran is holding the door to all the secrets. We’re still waiting for the continuation of the story in the Tower of Joy. We are still waiting for the Targaryen three-headed dragon myth. And most of all, and this is my favorite, the history of the battle of religions in Westeros.

As you can see by now, the battle of the houses is minute compared to the battle of the gods. Right now all odds are with the Lord of Light – Jon’s resurrection, Dany’s dragons and burn-proof abilities. If by now you are not convinced about Jon being a Targaryen, may you be eaten by Melisandre’s shadow son; he’s the prince that was promised. And in this episode, the new red priestess called Dany the prince who is promised as well. I stand by the three-headed dragon theory. And I stand with Tyrion being the third. Boom.

But you also have the Children of the Forest. Stupid kids who out of fear, created the Night’s King – a fallen Lord Commander, if you remember the stories from previous seasons. (And can I just say, Child, you have a bomb? Never thought to produce more of that in the gazillion years you’ve been hiding in the North?)

We have in this episode the return of the Drowned God in the proclamation of the Iron Isle’s king. Too bad the Greyjoy siblings did not get the Salt Throne. It would have been kickass to get them building the largest fleet and inconveniencing everyone else just by merely existing; being there. Yara was right; that has been their role; an inconvenience, and be forgotten when they are not annoying anyone. I still have not seen the Drowned God make miracles, or at least do something worth believing in. But at least for the battle of the gods, he’s there. As an inconvenience. harhar

Meanwhile you have the Seven, whose only remaining ally is the High Sparrow, who, if you remember from last episode, is about to get some civil war from Lannisters and allies. And further on, the Many-Faced God, the God of Death to whom we say “Not today,” whose No-Man and Arya storyline is just boring me to death (pun there). We all know Arya’s all about being Stark versus being A-Girl. Let’s move the story now people, please.

So, there has to be a way to understand the deep religions that run through the foundational storyline of GoT. And Bran holds that door, supposedly. Unless Night’s King eats him first. Which Bran deserves. Because I love Hodor and Summer.

[3] Tyrion and Dany holding doors for a unified outer-realm army. It’s too bad Dany only has one scene after that fiery exit last week, and only to move a storyline that I’ve been done and over with. Dying Jorah’s undying (pun intended) love? Seriously? What a waste of time. At least Dany’s shown to be moving the Dothraki mega-army, presumably back to Meereen, wherein Tyrion’s maneuvers, of course, are working out.

[4] This may be the most important of holding all doors:




After the sadness of this episode, these doors better lead to something more exciting and uplifting next week.

For the meantime, I will spend the week joining millions in mourning.